Op Art Etched Glass and Mirror

Sandcrafted Glassware

    Here at Op Art Etched Glass and Mirror, we specialize
in putting any kind of design be it some kind of drawing, a picture from a photograph or any style of lettering for a personal gift or trophy, on just about any kind of glass, mirror or glassware. We have a wide variety of items already crafted. Also a selection of glass items waiting to be crafted with a design of your choosing. We have a large number of designs already drawn and will be happy to create anything for you to personalize any kind of glass gift.

Custom Glass and Mirrors

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           We are also set up to produce a wide variety of much larger custom jobs on any kind of glass or mirror. These beautiful mirrors make a wonderful addition to your home or office, can you imagine having your favorite design etched on your sliding glass doors. We usually have a variety of mirrors and glass designs on hand either to purchase or give you ideas for your own custom piece.     

Smaller and Specialty Items

    We always have a wide variety of smaller and specialty items available, such as the winelights which come with or without a wick, and when filled with oil make beautiful candles for your home. Or the suncatchers which can hang on their own stand or in your window with a suction cup to capture and reflect the sun. Also plates, vases or kitchen canisters all with whatever design you choose on them. Specialty items, such as the big glass jar with fish on it and in it. In fact just about any glass item you can think of that you might want or need with just about any design on it specially hand made for you, your home or your friends.